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Marrakech is much more than a desert

When I just looked at the pictures from Marrakech I once again realized why I love photography so much. Honestly, it’s difficult to describe Marrakech with only words. When I thought of Marrakech I thought of a wide desert but what I saw was much more.

Be carful

…especially as a woman. If you don’t pay attention you can be robbed easily. For this reason you have to be carful. That’s the way it is in such countries. Many people own not much. As a result you will meet many baggers. Often the parents send their kids to the streets to beg. I had a bad conscience when I saw these kids. Therefore I once felt so bad that I bought one kid a fresh ice cream. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea cause the child wanted something again the next day but at the moment it felt right.

Different and unique

Marrakech is a place that looks so different and unique. I can’t compare it to any other country because everything is exceptional. Chaotic infrastructures, intrusive people, amazing riads, beautiful waterfalls, suspicious animal farming and finally hot temperatures of over forty degrees make Marrakech so interesting. Above all it’s a great place to shoot cool photos. The most beautiful pictures from Marrakech are posted in this blogpost.


Enjoy the colorful versatility of Marrakech.


three boys in Morocco

My absolute favorite picture of the whole trip. Despite the poverty that can be found in Morocco the people, including the children, are happy. What does this teach us? Money has nothing to do with satisfaction.


Moroccon woman

A Moroccan woman is preparing fresh tea for us.


On the way to the Ouzoud falls, we made a stop at a lookout point. It was not long before an old man wanted to sell us these colorful stones. I could not say no and took one home.

First of all we visited the Ouzoud Falls. They are considered as the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco. On the way to the Ouzoud Falls we made a stop at viewpoint. Even the silence given there, it took only a few minutes when already an old man wanted to sell us something. I couldn’t say no and took one of this purple stones home.


women preparing argan oil

In this picture you see women preparing argan oil. Argan oil is extracted from the seed flakes of the ripe berry fruit of the argan tree by pressing. The argan oil comes from Morocco and is good for skin and hair.



Furthermore numerous spices can be found in Marrakech.



I honestly have no idea what that was. Something to drink or just decoration !? Anyways it looks nice for a picture.


river restaurants

Even more impressive than the Ouzoud Falls were the numerous restaurants on the way to the waterfalls. Instead of eating as usual, food was not enjoyed on solid ground but you had your feet in the water while enjoying your meal because the tables and chairs were directly in the river.



a little boy is selling his fruits

No matter if young or old, everyone is trying to make some money in some way.




blue wall



Especially jewelry is very popular in Morocco and is often offered at very low prices.



The carpet offer is big and very versatile.



This is definitely one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen in my life. Too bad it was too big to stow it in my backpack.



The man behind the painting.


more jewelry

More and more jewelry


market stalls

For the waterfalls you had to climb up a mountain. On the way to them, there were numerous colorful market stalls.


coffee stand

The nice thing is that you get coffee everywhere in the world.


on the way

Brian and Raphito are trying hard to reach the goal. 😉


pink flowers




people on the way to the waterfalls

It was amazing and somehow dangerous how many people climbed up to the waterfalls. There were some women who wore chic dresses and flip flops and some of them even had their baby in the arms.



A youg Moroccan guy told me that the waterfalls are a place where many people like to spend their free time.



At the end of our trip we did Camel riding.


Camel riding


Marrakech sunset

With this sunset I’m finishing my blogpost. I had an unforgettable time in Morocco with great moments.


You want to know where else I spent my time in Morocco? Here’s the full blogpost.


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