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Everyone has a story


18.05Let me describe myself with my own invented 3-C-Rule. Creative, Communicative and Charming. I think that describes me quite well. My name is Kimberly Wuethrich but all of my friends call me Kim. Honestly, I think it sounds a bit boyish but anyway it’s shorter and easier. I was born on the 30th March 1994.  I live in Switzerland in a beautiful, little village on the countryside. It’s nice to live in a rural area but sometimes a little bit boring too. I dream of living in a big city once. Tokyo would be nice! This city offers so much. Good food, an interesting culture and above all many stylish people. I’m currently working for the company energy4me in the marketing department. When I’m not working I deal with  photography, travel, fashion and sports. I really like sports, especially condition training, snowboarding, dancing and Tennis. I also have three pets, a dog and two cats. I spend a lot of time with my dog. I walk with her everyday (yep it’s a girl, her name is Chaya). It’s of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Chaya is „life“. I also do dog sport (agility) with her.
Besides, I’m a real Netflix freak! I swear I can watch movies and series all day, all night long. I’m really addicted to it. Nothing is better than hanging around in bed with a hot cup of tea or even better a cup full of coffee and watching a compelling thriller. I also like reading books, non-fiction books are definitely my favorites.

My top 4 movies
◊Donnie Darko
◊Into the wild
◊Gone Girl

My top 4 books
♦Schwarze Magnolie (Hyeonseo Lee)
♦The monk who sold his ferrari (Robin S. Sharma)

♦Schnelles Denken, langsames Denken (Daniel Kahneman)
♦Mein sibirischer Winter (Nicolas Vanier)


I originally created Peachmeup because of my love for fashion. Peachmeup was a classic fashion blog. I was mainly in front of the camera and presented my newest clothes. But at some point, the constant posing for photos became boring for me. I wanted to know more about photographing and suddenly I was behind the camera and started something new. I quickly realized how much fun I had with my camera. It became a hobby of mine. In addition to photography, I always liked to text. So I was looking for something where I can combine both things together. A personal blog was the answer. Meantime Peachmeup is a lifestyle blog or a kind of diary. I wirte a lot more about traveling and other things that happen on a daily basis and that hasn’t anything to do with fashion. However I want to inspire you with pictures and stories. The pictures are all taken by me and my Nikon Camera 750D.  I really hope you enjoy my blog and if you like it please follow me on my other social media channels.