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If you take a look at my outfit posts, you have certainly the feeling that we have here in Switzerland sunshine every day. Unfortunately not. I wish we’d have. It is raining quite often lately. But I always try to make my picture in good lighting conditions. The photos just looks better. Theses pictures were made in Basel. I really love Basel. Together with Bern it’s my favorite city. It’s so versatile and has so many possibilities to spend your time. It has incredibly beautiful places as you can see in my pictures. And of course the people are also nice and kind.
I often go to Basel for shopping but today I had another goal. I went to the Streetfood Festival with my boyfriend. It had so many different dishes. Almost everything looked delicious. Unfortunately it is impossible to try everything. So we had to choose for three or four specialities. We ate mainly Asian dishes and finally treated ourselves with a waffle topped with chocolate and strawberry as a dessert.
Now, I have definitely wrote enough about food. Let’s talk about my outfit of the day. My favorite piece is definitely the chiffon top. I love these colors. Besides this it is very comfortable because it is cut loosely. Let’s give a little attention to my blue flare jeans. These jeans are special. I know they’re not everybody’s taste but I like them. The legs look incredibly long and slim and indeed the jeans are very long. So I always have to wear heeled shoes. Perhaps a disadvantage but maybe not. Let’s be honest. Almost everything looks better on heels. I have nothing against sneakers. For real. Quite the contrary, I love sneakers. But this outfit wouldn’t look so great with sneakers. What can I say about my shoes? Not much. Ok they are high heels! But you can see them hardly. They are the same as in my last post Another Boho Look. What do you think about my whole outfit? Let me know.





Outfit of the day

Top by H&M
Jeans by H&M (similar here)
Shoes by Ochsner Shoes
Bag (It was a gift. Unfortunately I don’t know the brand anymore.)



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