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In this blogpost I will share with you my two-week trip of Malaysia. I will describe to you my impressions, recommend some accommodations and mention a few excursions which are really worth it.

First stop: Kuala Lumpur
When I landed in Kuala Lumpur, I was a bit divided about this city. It looks like a typical asian city: Too many cars, dirty air and not really pedestrian friendly. If you want to see the city, take the Uber! Not the teksi (means taxi in malaysia), because they are much more expensive. Besides these not so beautiful things, there are always the impressive things like the famous Petronas Towers. These two towers are even more unique in live than on all the pictures I’ve seen. I personally love the style of them more thant the Emipire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. In full splendor they shine in the center of the city. The Petronas Towers also attract numerous tourists. All try to snap a perfect image in front of the high towers. Next to the towers is an artificially grown pond or lake, whatever you might call it. I’ve personally liked the unique trees, which you can also find there.  Huge roots show how old the trees are, very magical!
In addition to numerous shopping opportunities you can also find beautiful parks in the city and of course the famous food street „Jalan Alor“ which you should visit in the night. You will find there typical Asian food and the prices are completely ok, they are a bit adapted to the tourists but still cheap.
In Kuala Lumpur we were really lucky with our accomodation. We had a very comfortable arbnb which was near de Jalan Alor Food Street. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good price-performance ratio.


Learn how to scuba dive: checked
The Perhentian Islands were our next destination. We hat two possibilities, we either take the bus to Kuala Besut or fly by plane to Kota Bharu and then take the taxi to Kuala Besut. With the bus we had about 10 hours, for this reason we already booked a flight in advance. This flight took only an hour and was extremly cheap. From Kuala Besut we took a speedboat to the Perhentian Island. The ride with this speedboat was really fun. We were about 15 people in the speedoat, including mainly backpackers. Here I must mention it, we were also only with backpacks on the way. On the island we booked the Shari-la Island Resort. How should I express the Resort in nice words. It was ok for the condition on the island. Probably  it was even one of the better resorts on the island. We were mainly because of the scuba diving on the island, so we leave the hotel from the game. The Perhentian Islands are perfect for scuba diving. A crystal clear sea, a great reef, ideal water temperatures and excellent diving instructors. We made our dive course at the Quiver Dive Team which is a dive school right on the island. You can make the PADI dive course there for only 1100 MYR, these are about 240 Swiss francs. Which is very cheap.
Our teacher Christine was very professional and she had a lot of patience with us. After three days and four nights we left the Island. Honestly we were glad about it.


In the wilderness
Our adventure cintinues by bus. We travel approximately five hours to Jerantut. The Hotel in Jerantut called WAU Hotel. I can only say positive things about this hotel. A hotel with attractive prices, friendly statt, good service and especially clean rooms. Everything is well organized! We booked the WAU Hotel that we could visit the big national park Taman Negara. In Taman Negara it had unfortunately no rooms available, that was the reason why we booked the WAU Hotel in Jerantut. In hindsight we were glad about this decision. From the hotel to the park it was only one hour by car. In Taman Negara we were a total of two days. In one day we visited two viewpoints, made a little boat trip through the river and walked the canopy walk. On the second day we had a six-hour hike through the jungle. We walked 12 kilometers. We climbed over fallen trees, crossed rivers and saw some incredible animals and in the end we’ve survived ;-). This was a fantastic adventure! Especially the second day was unique. I can recommend you to make such a jungle hike. But don’t forget to take good clothes on, especially shoes, because as I said you walked through rivers. If you come from a country where there is no jungle, you should visit the Taman Negara National Park in any case. But don’t expect to see tigers and elephants, that happens rarely. Except a few poisonous snakes and insects we haven’t seen much.


It’s tea time
And again we sat in a bus.. our next stop: Cameron Highlands! If you are a tea freak than you should visit the Cameron Highlands. The Cameron Highlands are located in the Malaysian Sultante of Pahang, east of the city. Huge tea files make this highland settlement so unique. My boyfriend and me love tea for this reason it was clear for us to visit this place. This place has inspired me from the beginning. Pleasant temperatures, hotels, a few restaurants, stray dogs and many tourists was my first impression of this place. This place mainly lives by the tourists. Somehow I liked this place. Probably because it was not so hot here. In addition, it was a very clean village. Our hotel here has been the best so far. Our room was verly large and the garden of the hotel was beautiful. In the hotel everything was so family friendly. We even had a little balcony.


Last stop: Penang
When we realized that we had already arrived at our last place, we were a bit sad.  Our last stop was the island Penang. Actually Penang is more like a big city than an island. We went by bus to the harbour and then we took a ship to reach the island.






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