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When you read this blog post, I’m already in Nice. I’m really excited because I will spend a whole month in Nice. It isn’t a long time for many people but for me it’s a very long time. I’ve never been away from home for such a long time but I’m happy that I get the chance to do it. I am looking forward to playing in the sun, sitting beneath palm trees and swimming in the sea. However, this “vacation” is not only for fun but also to improve my French skills. I will tell you more about my stay in Nice in a separate post.

In this blog post I want to share with you my new baby blue dress. Isn’t it cute? The white leather bag and the shoes go well with this dress. I’m in love with this combination. This also would look great for a date night on Valentine’s Day. It’s romantic and sweet at the same time. The shoes I am wearing have just small heels which make them extremely comfortable. Probably not comfortable enough for a long hike but ideal for a little shopping trip in the city.

I am a big fan of wearing dresses during the summer time even though most women are afraid of wearing dresses. I have never understood why women don’t like wearing dresses. Is it because women have the feeling that men will look under their dress? Haha, well, that is my theory. Let me know if you have another explanation;-)

However, especially in winter wearing a dress can be very painful because you always have to wear tights with it. It takes time to put them on and afterwards you notice you already have a hole in your not very cheap thights. (And usually they are not very comfortable as well.) Yep, wearing tights is a total struggle. And that’s also why you should wear your lovely dresses in summer!

What do you think about today’s outfit? Do you prefer dresses or are you rather the casual type of girl?










Outfit of the day

Sunglasses by Zara
Dress by H&M
Bag by Zara
Shoes by Vögele


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