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Hi, I’m Kimberly, just call me Kim.

18.05I was born on the 30th March 1994.  I live in Switzerland in a beautiful, little village called Riken. It’s on the countryside. Sometimes it’s nice to live in a rural area but sometimes quite boring. I work for the company Energy4me in the marketing department. When I’m not working or learning I deal with  photography, travel, fashion and sports. I really like sports, especially condition training, dancing and Tennis. I also have three pets, a dog and two cats.
I’m a real Netflix freak! I swear I can watch movies and series all day, all night long. I’m really addicted to it. Nothing is better than hanging around in bed with a hot cup of tea or even better a cup full of coffee and watching a compelling thriller. I also like reading books, non-fiction books are definitely my favorites.
PS: My english isn’t the best, so sorry for that.


I created Peachmeup because of my love for fashion and lifestyle. I want to inspire you with my different pictures and stories. I share with you my lovely life, what I like and what I do on a daily base. I post things from my everday life. That can be street style pictures, beauty things but also once a travel report or a recipe that I just like. My pictures are all taken by my Nikon Camera 750D. The photos takes my boyfriend, sister or the people who just hang around with me. I really hope you enjoy my blog and if you like it please follow me on my other social media channels.

Xoxo Kim

Instagram did not return any images.